Hatchling Aerie

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 5-45
 Repop Message: Eggteeth are heard tapping as the hatchlings rise again!


Whispers abound about a far off mountain range where dragons are born and bred. Many an adventurer has gone off in search of the treasure hidden there, a Gem of great importance, only to never be heard from again. Already the evil is spreading and there are rumors of dragons laying waste to a great city.


 Rid hatchling's aerie of the elder wyrms.

Can you succeed where others have failed and return all the gems to their rightful owners?

             Level Range         : 5 to 30
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal recommended at : Level 30

Area added September 26, 2008.



Runto Hatchling

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