Halls Of The Damned

 Halls of the Damned  (Level 95-115) (Lock 70) (Creator: Calabus)


Up ahead you hear some hammering and see the city's official employment advisor busy hanging a new poster. Noticing the lint in your pockets you rush up to see what's available.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Mayor Darkon Stills humbly requests the aid of any and all persons daring enough to undertake a semi-heroic and definitely life-threatening task for paltry rewards. His village is in dire straits, and wishes you to know that he has issued a decree enforcing house arrest on all its citizenry until the threat has been tended to.

Though not wishing to engage in blackmailing, or any other such underhanded tactics, he kindly wishes for you to consider how long you think his village's citizens can survive without fresh food and water.



Runto Damned

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