Guardian's Spyre Of Knowledge

Creator: Plaideleon & Kirek
Level Range: 10-30
Repop Message: The Guardian's maniacal cackle refreshes his domain.



With thoughts of the Academy still fresh in your mind, you wonder what kind of challenges and adventures await. After rounding a bend in the road, a large field opens up. Rising out of the ground and climbing up through the clouds themselves, a grand edifice of stone unlike anything you've seen before greets you. Although it has no defined shape, several distinct layers seem to make up this strange place. Deciding not to put off any longer this grand adventure, you cautiously move forward. Trying to remember everything you've learned so far, you can only hope that it's enough.

A new adventure for the young at heart. Great rewards to be had. Come join the quest for fame and glory and vanquish the Guardian if you can find him.

 Level Range         : 10 to 30
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : 29
 Goal Converter      : Domain
 Area Author         : Plaideleon & Kirek



Runto Spyre

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