Gnolls Quarry

 Creator: Stutz & Xadyen
 Level 105-125
 Repop Message: (*BOOM*) They are blasting in the quarry again. (*BOOM*)


For generations, the lords and kings of Mesolar have sought out the stone cut from the Mesolarian Quarry. Known for its superior stone, master craftsmen and fair prices, this quarry has provided the rock that built many of the towns and castles of Mesolar. Run by dwarves, the quarry was always bustling with activity and visitors and had even built up a small town to house all of the workers and their families. That is until a few years ago when the Ark'Garoo Gnoll pack violently came to destroy and loot the village. It was only after the gnolls had completely decimated everything that they realized the profit potential of the quarry. What dwarves were left were enslaved to work the quarry.

A encampment has been erected over the ruins of the old village and the gnolls have quickly taken to pressing the dwarves into cutting stone deeper in the quarry than they ever dared go in the past. The gnoll pack leader Grak'ou has appointed himself as the Overseer of all operations and has moved his wife Arrssa and daughter Urloo into the only remaining stone building left from the attack. For awhile, everything was running to the Overseers likings until the dwarven slaves started disappearing.

Rumors of strange noises started to be whispered amongst the dwarves. When word of this reached the Overseers ears he laughed it off and pressed the slaves to work even harder to make up for the lost labor.

However, with the disappearances continuing and production slowing down, the Overseer has no option but to investigate and eliminate the cause of the slave disappearances.


Quarry production is down...way down. When a few dwarven slaves went missing in the quarry, none of the gnolls gave a notice. Recently though, dwarves and gnolls have been dissappearing at an alarming rate, with no known cause.Grak'ou the quarry Overseer is at wits end to keep up with his orders. Are you brave enough to help him figure out the cause of the disruptions?

 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 125


Runto Quarry

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