Gallows Hill

 Creator: Drew
 Level Range: 1-30
 Repop Message: The leaves beyond the shadow of the treeline begin to rustle. 


Situated in the middle of a vast field of rye, the great oak on Gallows Hill has become a regular stop for the witch hunters. It is not uncommon to witness executions taking place as the local people gathered in the field.

Rumor has it that there is a dark evil that watches the events unfold from within the shadow of the treeline. This evil is so terrible and deadly, that it has been known to kill those who merely catch a passing glimps of it. If you plan to venture out to Gallows Hill on some still autumn night, you best keep your eyes from wandering too far into the dark part of the woods.


 Become the hero of Gallows Hill. (Designer: Domain)

Gallows Hill is filled with fear, spreading to villagers far and near, the evil plays a game or two, while the villagers pray for a hero like you.

             Level Range                   : 1 to 30
             Goal Difficulty               : Medium.
             Goal recommended at           : Level 30.

Notes: Dancing is a way of life. Some do it for fun, while other dance in the game of life or death. There are many ways to dance.

Spiders wander through the forest. But if you can find a nest, you may find lots of spiders there.


This goal is intended to challenge you. It is advisable that you are able to see both Hidden and Invisible mobs when completing this goal.


Runto gallows

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