Fort Terramire

 Creator: Vladia
 Level Range: 10-35
 Repop Message: The darkness seems to close in as the subterranean army prepares to invade. 


Overheard at the Grunting Boar:

"Is it my imagination, or have there been less of those filthy drow overrunning the city lately?"

"Yeah, I noticed that too. There's something going on down there, and I'm sure I don't know what. Not sure I /want/ to know."

A shrug. "As long as they're staying out of my way, I'm happy. Hey, what's the special today?"

"A nice roast rabbit. Want some?"


A rabbit hole, in itself surprising in width and depth, leads to a highly
complex and militaristic society of giant hares. These are the bunnies
of Fort Terramire, feared for their random and vicious raids on bipeds
and quadrapeds alike. All is not necessarily well within the walls of the
Fort either, as rumors of rebellion reach the ears of those in command at
the Fort Terramire Military Headquarters.

 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : 25
 Goal Converter      : Halo & Lumina



Runto Fort

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