Creator: Sammael & Obyron
 Level Range: 150-170 (Lock 130)
 Repop Message: Suddenly it's quiet... A little TOO quiet...


It was a dark and stormy night...

There's a saying out in the darker parts of the country that, for a man in the right kinds of trouble, all roads lead to Fellchantry. They say that when "No Fear" Narlfryd, the famed Wolfen daredevil, needed a place to lay low, he came to Fellchantry and knifed a guy over a card game. The story goes that he wanted to use a vacation in a cell as a chance to let a bad storm blow over. The authorities didn't give him the chance. They took one look at that body, shook their heads, and walked the other way. Fellchantry is just that kind of place. Around here, they're ALL dark and stormy nights, and the residents like it that way just fine.

Wade among the liars and thieves, pickpockets and stickyfingers. Converse with those who have scruples aplenty and those who are found lacking, and get to the bottom of the Barony's latest mystery.


A murder so foul! The body of Juilus Sannar had been discovered on a gloomy day in the center of Fellchantry Square. Rumour had it the silversmith had been beset by a vengeful nave, though upon the day his life was lost, all cutpurses and pickpockets went blind. Coincidince? The Justiciars think less so, though may require an extra set of hands (or paws, they don't judge) to get to the bottom of yet another mystery.

 Level Range              : 150 to 170 
 Goal Difficulty          : Easy
 Goal Recommended at      : 160
 Goal Converter           : Sammael
 Area Author              : Sammael & Obyron


Area added March 5 2023


Runto Chantry

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