Faerie Tales

 Faerie Tales  (Level 100-120) (Lock 90) (Creator: Citron)



Welcome to the Realm of Faerie Tales, where beautiful princesses, gallant princes, and enchanted frogs mingle in tales as old as the ages. Wander through the Enchanted Forest and witness the stories told and retold by your mothers and grandmothers.

Even better, immerse yourself in these Faerie Tales as never before. Rescue the beautiful princess, unenchant the spelled bear, and stand before the Faerie Lord and Lady for fabulous rewards. It all starts with the deep well...

             Level Range         : 100 to 120
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal Recommended at : Level 110
             Goal Min Level      : Level  85
             Goal Max Level      : Level 135

Area added July 7, 2000.



Runto FT1

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