Empyrean Streets Of Downfall

 Creator: Paramore & Falkon
 Level 170-200 (Lock 140)
 Repop Message: There is a stirring in the darkness: Rebellion dawns.


In Sarcoph's empire, all roads eventually lead to the imperial city. Those who survive the journey through the Great Eastern Desert and the foothills of the Demon's Halo range will lay eyes on the seat of Sarcoph's power. But the city itself is no safer than the path to it. No, it is the residence of Ignorance, Treason, Voracity, Might, and Delusion. It is Empyrean, and its alleys are the streets of downfall.


Just as a wound's pain grows as touch moves closer to the tear, so does the pain and misery of Sarcoph's empire scream out with swelling volume as you near his stronghold. Soon the weak will unite and prove finally that a dynasty of hatred and oppression is built on a foundation of quicksand.

Hear me, Empyrean, I am vengeance.
I am justice.

 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 199
 Goal Converters     : Paramore & Dras


Special thanks to everyone who helped make this area possible.

Also, one does not simply walk into Empy.


Runto Empyrean

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