Dusk Valley

 Level Range         : 100 to 120
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : 110
 Area Author         : Trepid
 Goal Author         : Trepid 

Early in its history, the Eldar race mistrusted outside races and sought the privacy of its own kind. A small group of Eldars had searched for quite some time and had happened upon Dusk Valley where they organized a town. The town featured the hallmarks of ancient Eldar architecture in its streets, buildings, and ornamentation. Central to the community itself was the Great Totem, a focal point of the great and secret powers of the Eldars.

Over time as the Eldars prospered, the community grew. Eventually, the community produced two powerful young mages, twins named Fahlyk and Fahlen. The twins studied magick intensively as they aged, each competing with one another as he achieved new heights of power and magickal understanding. Eventually both became Master Mages, made their individual marks on the Great Totem, and focused their considerable intellects upon the community that had reared them.

Fahlyk praised the community for its accomplishments and the quality of its people. He encouraged mingling and oversaw the establishment of Giant ambassadorships within the council of Eldars. Fahlen turned his eye elsewhere. He discovered that his magick granted him tremendous dominance over weaker minds. His heart grew dark and twisted. As Fahlen's power multiplied exponentially he added Eldar thralls to his service. He despised what he could not pervert and sought to taint the Eldar alliances with the Giants.

Fahlyk grew increasingly worried as he saw his brother's corrupting influence spread over the civilization. He began integrating the Giants, over whom Fahlen's influence was weak. A new race, the Relyks, came into being as this alliance bore fruit. Seeing his twin brother undermining his plans enraged Fahlen and spurred him to action. Fahlen's thralls set to fortifying their master's position, setting up a great tower very near the ancient Great Totem that contained so much magical energy. Fahlyk grew terrified at losing access to the magical source that he had studied for so much of his career. Abandoning his efforts at peace and harmony, he gathered his allies to him and declared open war on his brother.

Both brothers share similar influence over the town. Open war reigns throughout the land. The brothers struggle for control of the Great Totem knowing that its gain will bring instant dominion over the land. The community suffers as this Great War rages on.

Welcome to Dusk Valley, adventurer.

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