Den Of Thieves

 Creator: Madrox
 Level Range: 5-20
 Repop Message: Another day, another time, still unwillingly paying the taxes of the thieves. 


On one of your adventures into the town of Dortmund you hear some nice gossip going around. They say the tunnel under the mountain is finally finished and open for business. Not one to miss out, you decide to go check it out for yourself. Upon arrive you see quite a few toll workers, yet all signs read that the toll is optional. You decide not to spare any change until you see what was built and on that note you stepped inside. Within the cold walls are various travelers and surprisingly, a large amount of thieves. Too many for your taste as you can feel your gold grow lighter. You decide to find out who runs this tunnel system and head for the office. When you arrive you come face to face with the notorious thief, Jumpsteady. Now realizing you stumbled on nothing more than the thief stronghold you fled as fast as you could from this place.

Do you dare to travel the tunnels the thieves claim. Face the legend that is Jumpsteady and see how it all began. Watch the events that unfolded years before the Killing Fields incident. The Invasion, The battle, The loss. Learn the true origins here, and the coming of the Lotus Saga, if you dare...


 Chapter 1: A Terrible Mistake. (Designer: Madrox)

Help Wanted

The Den Of Thieves, or as Aylorians call it, the Marsh and Dragon Road Tunnel System is hosting a parade for the great Ivar. The man who is organizing this event is shrouded in great mystery. He seeks your help in making sure the thieves don't spoil his grand celebration.

             Level Range         : 5 to 20
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal recommended at : 20


Area added Dec 14, 2003.


Runto Thieves

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