Crossroads of Fortune

 Creator: Robbo & Guinness
 Level Range: 201-201 (lock: 201)
 Repop Message: As chance breaks free from destiny, the cogs of reality turn a single notch.


Begin a journey with Lord Durkin who plays the part of the fool in this lifelong adventure. Walk in his footsteps as he travels through the Land of Major Arcana; a place where hopes and dreams are revealed.

Relive the lord's life with him as he travels through the four realms of the Minor Arcana. The Realm of Spring is one of childhood and growth, the Realm of Summer reveals young adulthood and its challenges, the Realm of Autumn is a place for love and marriage, and the Realm of Winter tackles the struggles of a career and parenting.

When doubt and worry change Durkin's path, he finds himself in the Land of the Major Arcana Reversed. Stumble through this land of pain and sorrow as the lord becomes lost in his own guilt and fears.

Lord Durkin could use some assistance in getting his life back on track. If you have the time and patience to help him, then it is likely that good karma will join you in your future travels.


 Help Lord Durkin get his life back on track! (Designers: Robbo & Guinness)

             Level range         : 201 - 201
             Goal difficulty     : Easy
             Goal Recommended at : Level 201



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