Creator: Tir
 Level Range: 30-50
 Repop Message: The trails to Cradlebrook grow wider. 


Cradled in the forested nooks and valleys of the northern mountains lies the Village of Cradlebrook. Far removed from the worries of the outside world, the village was a haven of tranquility and peace until it recently came under attack by bandits and brigands.

The town is split physically by Last Mountain Creek, a fast-flowing waterway that provides the village-folk with fish and drink. Inside, the villagers practice their craft as they always have: Telsa the Weaver provides clothing; Martu the Baker provides unleavened bread and fresh pastries; and Ison provides the weapons and armour in the rare event of war. Quiet for thousands of years, the village has been rediscovered by trackers and wood-folk. Previously hidden by the thick yew-trees of the forest valleys, thin trails have been cut into the land, and the way to the village is open.


 Travel the paths of the Last Mountain River.

 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : Level 40
 Goal Converter      : Paramore
 Area Author         : Tir

There are many ways to live by the waters of Last Mountain River. In the mountain caves, in the village of Cradlebrook, in the ancient yew forests there is life now connected with wandering roads. Which ways will you travel?


Area added Nov 11, 2005. Replaces Gnome Village.


Runto Cradle

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