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Help Cmaze

The Combat Maze is a place where you can take out your aggression on other
players without the worry of war costs, death penalties, or restrictions
on potions, spellups, or other tactics.

A large multi-room combat maze is located up from the Entrance to the Arena
of Doom that is found in the southeast corner of Fairdeal Alley.  Clans may 
also set up combat mazes within their public halls.  You can identify a 
room flagged as combat maze by the large red CMAZE flag that shows after 
the room name and in the '
exits' command. 

It is illegal to purposely lead someone into a combat maze or any other PK
situation (see '
help policies4'); however, if you have wandered into such a
place on your own, you are free game for anyone else that wanders in, so
beware!  If you are looking for a private challenge against another player,
see '
help duel'.