Chaprenulas Laboratory

 Level Range         : 5 to 15
 Area Author         : Aardwolf Community

 Repop Message: Screams echo throughout the Laboratory as another creature is born.

Chaprenula's is a replacement of Dangerous Neighborhood.


 End the madness in Chaprenula's Laboratory! (Designer: Tymme)

Nestled deep in a Mesolarian rainforest, you will find the tiny principality of Albandi, so named after the Princes Albandi of nine gloriously uninterrupted generations. Under pressure from the current Prince Albandi IX, the Grand (and Mad) Wizard Chaprenula has resolved to create a magical army to defend the tiny land and subjugate its people. With the assistance of his naive followers, Chaprenula experiments with the living and the inanimate to create creatures of remarkable diversity, and maniacal menace.

Is there no one in the realm with the know-how to rid the world of Chaprenula's abominable creations for once and for all?

 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 10
 Goal Converter      : Lumina



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