Canyon Memorial Hospital

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 5-30
 Repop Message: Doctors scramble as yet another Code Blue echoes through the hospital.


A cold icy trail has been packed into the deep snow through the mountains. Passing through the deep mountains. On your way there you notice odd folk who seem to not belong in this cold frigid wasteland. Passing by the many on the path the conversations are not what you would expect. Many seem to be in pain or need a healer. The passing travelers speak of a place which has healers who care not from where you came or what is wrong. They speak of an icy emergency room for those badly wounded. Some of the talk speaks of needing gold or insurance, for like many things in this world, not much is without a price.


Canyon Memorial Hospital is looking for additional nurses to help out around the hospital. If you feel you have the skills and ability, perhaps you should apply.

Level Range : 5 to 30
Goal Difficulty : Easy
Goal recommended at : Level 30
Goal Min Level : Level 30
Goal Converter : Domain


Area replaced The Elemental Canyon on Mar 6, 2008.


Runto Canyon

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