Bloodlust Dungeon

Area Authors : Robbo & Guinness
Level Range : 201-201 (Lock 201)
Repop Message : The guttural laughter of minotaurs echoes throughout the corridors.


For decades, the area known as Bloodlust Dungeon was inhabited by a peaceful tribe of nomadic ratlings. Recently, several clans of minotaurs banded together, slaughtered the ratlings and claimed the area as their own.

Now, these minotaurs are working tirelessly to expand their empire. To date, they have created a massive undead army, opened portals to other dimensions and even called upon ancient gods -- gods so heinous that the minotaurs themselves imprisoned them over a millennium ago -- to aid in their evil doings.

A team of dwarven mercenaries is working to foil the destructive plans of the minotaurs, but without assistance the efforts of these dwarves are destined for failure.


The minotaurs of Bloodlust Dungeon are dead set on destroying the world. A lowly troop of dwarves could use a little help in derailing their plans.

Goal Difficulty : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 201
Goal Min Level : Level 201


Area added on Oct 24, 2021


runto bloodlust or run 2s57e24s from Aylor

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