Avian Kingdom

 Creator: Leaf
 Level Range: Level 170-190 (Lock 140)
 Repop Message: The Battle for Human Souls Begins Again.


The Avian Kingdom is home to all airborne creatures. Doves, griffons and more reside here. However, just below the kingdom lies an ever present threat - the Harpies.


Led by the vicious Dread Lord Celaeno, the threat against the Avian Kingdom has never been so near. Harpies have been seen skirting the gates of the Kingdom itself, an attack imminent. Will you help defend the denizens, or leave them to their fate?

 Level Range         : 170 to 190
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 195
 Goal Converter      : Castiel


Area added: 19th Oct 2002
Goal added: 19th Mar 2017


Runto Avian

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