Art Of Melody

 Creator: Xcalibre & Kingsley
 Level Range: 1-15
 Repop Message: All melodies flow in sync once more... 


Battles after battles, you're worn out by the tense situation and the constant need to be alert in case someone sneaks up and attack you. As you roam in the forest, Musical notes float transversely past you in all directions. The source is common, right up ahead. This may just be a new experience you ever will have. A musical world. What exactly lies ahead? You never know until you enter.


 Find Heath the Keeper's missing portrait. (Designer: Citron)

Attention patrons of the arts and music lovers of all kinds! Do not miss a visit to the musical realm 'Art of Melody'. But don't forget to bring your deerstalker hat as something valuable is missing from the art museum and your help is needed to retrieve it!

 Level Range                       : 1 - 15
 Goal Difficulty                   : Medium
 Recommended Goal Level            : 5



Runto Melody

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