Creator: Teleron
 Level Range: 110-130 (Lock: 80)
 Repop Message: Strange noises are heard around you as the arboretum renews itself.


The arboretum was a pristine refuge for plants and animals that flourished as the diva, elves, and other creatures of nature protected and preserved it. Others that walked through it would talk about the magnificent plants and animals they saw and how glad they were that they were able to experience it!

After some time, strange stories started to come from the visitors. At first it was just how the 'feeling' of the land had changed and how the visitors no longer felt welcome there. These initial reports were written off, saying that the people who reported it were already not in a good state of mind and shouldn't have been there in the first place. It wasn't long after those reports were received that other things started to happen. People turned up missing, and the feel of the place changed from uneasy to a strong feeling of malevolent intent from there. In their desperation to discover what happened, an investigative party was sent there. No one has heard anything from them for quite a while.

When the lone survivor emerged, he was ranting things about carnivorous plants and strange plant/animal mutations that were impossible. Will you be the one to investigate and find out what happened here, as well as deal with the cause of the problems, or will you just walk away and pretend that nothing really happened?


Investigate the cause of the problems in the arboretum.

 Level Range          : 110 to 120
 Goal Difficulty      : Medium
 Goal Recommended at  : Level 115
 Goal Min Level       : Level 115
 Area Author          : Teleron



runto arboretum

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