Creator: Trepid
 Level Range: 200-201
 Repop message: A surge in the sky reenergizes the radiating glow.


Although the powers of Master Mages Fahlyk and Fahlen were released in Dusk Valley, the brothers were not completely destroyed. After regaining their powers they both conjured a devastating blow. The amount of energy was so great nearly everything in the Valley was destroyed and a bright aura was left in the sky. The Great War had finally ended but neither side had won. The remaining residents of Dusk Valley were forced to settle elsewhere. The brother's mutual hatred had not lessened though and over time they both passed away.

Nearly one thousand years after the destruction of Dusk Valley, time seemed to heal the devastation wrought during the Brothers' war. Trees grew tall and strong, streams filled the crevices in the land, grass covered the valley floor and fauna cautiously populated the region once more.

Upon hearing of the rebirth of the Valley, the Relyks returned to the area to start anew. Although many centuries had passed the aura covering the valley remained. The region became known as Afterglow. The Relyks in the area have built a large mansion to honor their master.


Those who have contributed to the community are scribed into a great book. Are you honorable enough to contribute to Afterglow?

 Level Range         : 200 to 201
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 201
 Goal Converter      : Trepid
 Area Author         : Trepid

Note: You must have completed the goal for Dusk Valley before you can start this goal.


Area & goal added: 9th Jan 2016


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