Aerial City Of Cineko

 Creator : Rhuli
 Level Range : Level 15-30
 Repop Message : A strong gust of wind sweeps by. The residents cheer with excitement.


The Aerial City of Cineko has existed for centuries, but was recently found by a traveler by the name of Alzuro. On her way to another area, she was suddenly swept up into the sky by an updraft! To her disbelief, she found a city that had long since been undiscovered.

Cineko is a city built in the sky. Buildings have been placed on large, white clouds. Not all clouds can support the weight of these buildings, so they are manufactured within the city. This is all Alzuro was able to find out about the city. There's much more to be discovered.


Kilrya, the mayor, is looking for some help. She hasn't told a single person what she needs help with, but she's said she will take any volunteers willing to run a few errands for her.

 Level Range         : 15 to 30
 Goal Difficulty     : Easy
 Goal Recommended at : 20
 Goal Converter      : Rhuli
 Area Author         : Rhuli

Note: You will need to travel to other areas for this goal.


This area replaced Castle Reinhold on Dec 22, 2014.


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