Aardwolf Zoological Park

 Creator: Xoe
 Level Range: 5-35
 Repop Message: The Aardwolf Zoological Park appears clean and ready for today's visitors. 


After a long wait, the much anticipated Aardwolf Zoological Park is finally open! Many adventurers risked life and limb to bring back, alive, the creatures that we have on display. There is a petting zoo for the children as well. Also opening at the park is a cafe, a gift shop and a souvenir shop.

Admission is free! Come on over! We look forward to seeing you there!


 Teach those whippersnappers a lesson at the zoo. (Designer: Citron)

The Aardwolf Zoological Park is filled with wondrous animals of every sort. Ever wanted to come face to face with the Grendel, or pet the silky soft fur of a chinchilla? Well, now's your chance.

Unfortunately, it's vacation time for Aardwolf, and all the snotty, platter-faced brats and arrogant, snide teens are out in force at the zoo, and only one of the Zookeepers is doing his job. Head on over to the Manager's office to see if you can lend a hand!

 Level range         : 5 to 35
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 10


This goal is like any other. Outside of the goal opening with your first task, you will not see any other goal related message until you have completed the goal. You will need to pick up two more tasks, again they are invisible. Read what the mobiles are telling you carefully, it may even take a few repops.

Area added March 5, 2005.


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