Aardington Estate

 Creator: Rumour
 Level range: 70 - 90
 Repop Message: |[ Magic swirls around Aardington Estate, renewing the life force within. ]|


The Earl of Aardington is an eccentric man, he lives on a huge estate in the middle of the Mesolarian Grasslands. This estate has been in his family for countless generations and as such, there are some old skeletons in the closets.

The manor itself speaks of old money, with antiques almost everywhere you look. The servants and maids do a wonderful job to keep the large mansion, both inside and out, in perfect condition.

There is a dark wood to the north which is haunted by the ghosts of the past and only the bravest dare to venture near. A quiet temple, for the faithful of the Ayla to pray, is surrounded by the most exquisite rose garden, yet hides a forbidden secret in the catacombs below.


The Earl is a very busy man and his staff are a little short handed and they are always looking for good people to help out around the estate. The Earl's staff have some very interesting 'jobs' they need help with.

 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level  90
 Goal Converter      : Rumour & Domain 



runto aardington