A Magical Hodgepodge

 Creator: Nalani & Ronnie
 Area Range: 5-35
 Goal Recommended at : Level 20
 Goal Converter      : Phalae & Evie
 Repop Message: Whoa! Was that a pig that just flew by?


Many moons ago, there was a power. It roams the roads, wanders through town after town, exploring the skies, until it feels itself pulled towards a path. As the power finally reaches the path, it splits in two. Each one choosing a separate fork in the road, but suddenly the two independent powers find themselves drawn back to each other with increasing force. They collide...and suddenly nothing is the same anymore.

Where what was magical is now mundane...what was nice is now mean...what welcomed you before is now telling you to go away. You'll see a hermit with many friends. A hero trying to slay the princess and rescue the dragon...a dilapidated mansion and an elegant shack. The rich will be poor and the poor will be richer than they ever dreamed. And the animals are even more mixed-up a cow that barks? A horse that oinks? You might see these or none at all. The magical mix-up has caused creatures to be invented that have never existed before, and caused others to change... disturbingly so.


Years ago, several mysterious magical forces collided over a small, forgotten town. The melding of these magics' wreaked such havoc on all aspects of life that soon the name of this tranquil village had been lost and now it is only known as a Magical Hodgepodge. Peasants have become kings, kings have become peasants, unique varieties of animals have come to life, and trash talks. One man has remained untouched by the magic. He was fortunate enough to be out of town when the disaster occurred, so was spared the strange affliction that now affects so many villagers and animals. The only thing that sustains him is the hope that the town will return to the way it was before the collision. He has a firm belief that in order for this to happen, the rightful king and queen must regain their thrones. Will you calm the magic long enough so the royal family can be restored to their true station?



Runto Hodge

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