Strangle (Sn: 329) (Skill)

Help Strangle

Syntax: Strangle <victim>

Although throat-cutting assassination can be highly effective when there is
a need to clear a room quick, some thieves prefer the more subtle method of
simply strangling a victim until they pass out. Don't assume that this
means that some thieves are weak and do not like to kill; in fact, more
thieves who choose to strangle rather than slit do so in order to gain the
upper hand when they backstab their sleeping victim.  One must be very
fleet of foot and strong in order to strangle the foe.  A failed strangle
attempt does not sit well with most, though....

Ninja do not incur any lag penalty when using strangle; instead, they
have a few-second recovery timer. Ninjas also cannot be strangled at all, 
including mobs with the Ninja subclass.

Primary stat: Dexterity, Strength.
Affected by : Luck.


 Thief               Level : 115