Hydra Blood

 Hydra Blood (Sn: 281) (Skill)

Help Hydra Blood

Syntax: hydra <victim>
Damage: disease

Using blood milked from the fangs of the Thraecian Hydra, this skill allows
you to inflict this lethal poison upon your enemy.  As it enters their
system, this poison causes their blood to boil, damaging them from the
inside out.  In some instances, especially with strong and dexterous 
thieves, this may even temporarily cause opponents to lose their ability to
focus on fighting.

As with other thief poisons, the poisons of a primary-class thief will be
even more potent than those which learn how to use these poisons later in
life, dealing additional damage with each attack.

Primary stat: Dexterity, Strength.
Affected by : Luck.


 Thief               Level :  51