Envenom (Sn: 216) (Skill)

Help Envenom

Syntax: envenom <item>
        envenom <item> [poison | disease] (if a Venomist)

With this ability, a thief is able to coat weapons with a nasty venom that
has a chance of poisoning an opponent on a successful hit, effectively
conferring the 'poison' flag to the weapon for a short period of time.
Envenom can also be used to make even the tastiest meal a deadly

The Venomist subclass may add the Poisoned flag to a weapon which already
has a weapon flag.  The original flag is not affected.  Other classes may
not use envenom on a weapon unless the weapon has no weapon flag or the
Changing flag, in which case the Poison flag is added. The flag shows up as 
(Envenomed). You can only envenom a weapon up to your "tier level". 
For example, a level 201 tier 4 cannot envenom a level 271 weapon.

A Venomist can also add 'disease' or 'poison' to the command to 
temporarily set the weapon damage type.

Using a Venomist's envenom on a weapon will temporarily increase the 
average damage of the weapon. Venomists using an envenomed weapon also 
have chances of dealing additional poison damage; they may get an 
additional hit (which does poison damage) on a backstab, and may also deal 
an additional hit of poison damage when the poison flag infects a target. 
As an additional bonus, if the target is immune to the thief's primary 
weapon type, envenom will set the damtype of spiral to 'poison' to attempt 
to get around this immunity.

Affected by : Dexterity (duration).


 Thief               Level :  36