Create Poultice

 Create poultice (Sn: 417) (Spell)

Help Create Poultice

Syntax: cast 'create poultice'
Spell Number: 417

Those well-versed in the arts of herbal lore have learned how poisons can
affect the body as well as how to best remove them from an afflicted
person's system.  Using a combination of pungent herbs, a master thief can
create a powerful herbal elixir capable of ridding a body of poison and
disease.  This elixir can be carried around or given away, and quaffed when

Unfortunately, the chaos in all natural things makes for unpredictable
poultices, both in the poultice's potency and the duration before its
restorative powers are lost.

Primary stat: Wisdom.
Affected by : None.


 Cleric              Level : 170
 Thief               Level : 174
 Ranger              Level : 182