Burnt Marbu

 Burnt marbu (Sn: 279) (Skill)

Help Burnt Marbu

Syntax: burnt <victim>
Damage: poison

Squirted into the enemies' eyes, this nasty little poison will damage foes,
and also has a chance to blind foes and reduce their dexterity, making them
easier to hit.  An especially agile and lucky thief has a better chance at
blinding their opponent.

Even after the victim is blind, this skill can still be used to deal more
damage to the enemy.  Primary-class thieves will find this poison rather
potent, often dealing additional damage.

Players may protect their eyes from the debilitating blindness of this
poison via the nomarbu wish (see '
help wish'); however, this does not aid
them in enduring the painful irritation this poison causes.

Primary stat: Dexterity.
Affected by : Luck. 


 Thief               Level :  15