Backstab (Sn: 209) (Skill)

Help Backstab

Syntax: backstab (<victim>)
        bs (<victim>)

Damage: weapon damtype

Backstab is the favored attack of thieves, murderers, and other rogues. The
damage inflicted by a backstab is determined by the attacker's level, weapon
skill, backstab skill, and the power of the opponent.

The dagger is the preferred weapon type for backstabbing; other weapon 
types are generally not as effective.  Only thieves may learn to backstab,
and primary-class thieves will find themselves doing more damage on a

The Ninja subclass is so adept at stealth that it may backstab
monsters even if already engaged in combat.  (You may use 'backstab' without
an argument to backstab your current target.)  Venomists will often inflict
an extra poison-based hit when they backstab.

Bandits can backstab a second opponent in the room while they are already
in combat and has a chance to instantly kill a mob with backstab.

Attempting to backstab an opponent, whether successful or not, will raise 
its awareness and leave it too watchful to backstab again for a period 
of time.  The
(Wounded) flag only indicates a target's overall health; it
does not affect whether the target may be backstabbed again.

Primary stat: Dex (attack & avoid), Str (attack), Con (avoid).
Affected by : Luck (all).


 Thief               Level :  23