Blades Of Light

 Blades of light (Sn: 328) (Spell)

Help Blades Of Light

Syntax: cast 'blades of light' <victim>
Damage: slash
Spell Number: 328

Crusading classes are granted this divine ability to fill the room with
deadly razor sharp blades of light. These lights will slash violently at the
victim and then fade without trace. Due to increasing reports of evil
characters masquerading as good, and the ability of some classes to
temporarily change their alignment, this holy power can be used against good
as well as evil. Casters should take note, however, that their gods will not
look upon the use of this ability to harm good favourably. This spell targets
only one victim.

Primary stat: Intelligence, Constitution.
Affected by : Luck.


 Paladin             Level : 174