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Created: April 6, 2014
Classes: Warrior | Psionicist
Level: Tier 0
Race: Human
Clan: None Currently

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 05/18/14  [ 30  Human  W+2] Sarl wannabe helper 

Character History

Life was never generous to me. All I had, all I have lost, I acquired by myself. The only person I loved never just gave me anything. instead, he taught me how to get it by myself. That made me a person that I am now. Because of him and his training, being alone was not a death sentence for me.

Alone... When he passed away, which was my fault, I could not force myself to trust anyone else. In fact, being alone in most cases was a death sentence, if you were living in the Southern Lands.

What do I remember from the Southern Lands? The Werewolf Plague... Once in a year, when winter came, a hundred thousand of them appeared from nowhere, trying to wipe mankind out. We all gathered in the monstrous, ancient fortresses, trying to hold on and push them mindless beasts off.

Survive. Once a year men gathered on the walls to defend each other. Bandit stood shoulder to shoulder with proud knight, commoner with noble, man with a woman. In that day, everyone was equal. When the last beast fell down, when the battered throat of the last werewolf released the last roar, all went silent. We stood in unusual silence for a while. Then the world was normal again.

Many things happened after my father died. I traveled across the Southern Lands, trying to find a place I'd belong. I found no single place which I could call home. Once I wanted to settle down; now it was impossible, after things I've seen. It's hard to say...

I found out what forces really was controlling the whole realm. Strange and powerful. Maybe they were gods, but they were like beasts. Like werewolves. And I decided to be one of them. I achieved nothing. I lost everything.

I was trying to connect myself to the community again, which had held together with cooperation, but I failed. In every person I saw evil, insanity and bad intentions. Everything appeared to crumble and ready to fall down in one wrong moment. Maybe I was right... or I was insane at all. The beginning was the hardest part. Trying to hide from the horde, when it came. When they tracked you, you were dead man, no matter what. Death was my best friend. She sat with me before the fire every night. Maybe that was the way I was made to be.

I don't know if I died at all or not. I barely remember anything from the past except that most clear memories. There is only one thing that I cannot link before the Southern Lands and Aylor - the void. I just appeared there in some time. Something forced me to go forward through the dark space, filled with many foreign, peculiar places. I felt like a ghost, wandering forever without a purpose.

But there appeared to be a light at the end. That was Aylor.

And there are more questions without an answer.

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Character Timeline

  • 04/06/2014 - Created
  • 05/18/14 - Won second prize in a character history writing contest hosted by Andashalla

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