Frostilicus is a male Wolfen thief, and has been playing Aardwolf MUD on and off since September 2005.

Random factoids about Frostilicus

  • Frostilicus tries so hard to be evil and menacing, but manages to remain angelic :(
  • Frostilicus enjoys questing from time to time, and sometimes gets his butt handed to him by aggro mobs :P
  • Is still n00bish...
  • Likes the odd pot pie or two, and the occasional severed limbs of victims. (Hey, he IS a wolf, after all ;) )
  • Tries his hardest not to get slaughtered by mobs, but sometimes just has crap luck!

And In Real Life...

  • Frostilicus is played by a 27 year old female from Queensland, Australia.
  • Was introduced to MUDding in 2001 at a LAN party, and played a few different ones before wandering into the realm of Aardwolf.
  • Enjoys the music, movies, TV and geeky pursuits such as computer games and building computers.
  • Writes "The Frostilicus Perspective", a weblog about experiences, weather, weird links, and oddball food reviews (see below)

Linkie bits

The Frostilicus Perspective