Apathy has been playing aardwolf for 4 years under various aliases.

Apathy enjoys messing about on channels and generally setting an irresponsible example for the newer players on Aardwolf. Currently he is in clan rogues and intends to stay. Apathy also enjoys playing Aard hold 'em poker and luring unsuspecting newbies into the cmaze.

A few words of warning...

  • Grouping with this character is not advised. Should you discover yourself in this unfortunate situation, it is recommended you switch off gtell and remain fully spelled up at all times.
  • Should you see this character in kate's diner or on a midgaard bench it is best to avoid contact if at all possible, for various reasons which are not deemed appropriate to disclose.
  • If you drop any items around this character, it is highly likely you will not see them again.
  • If this character uses the o0o0o0o social, he wishes to be your friend. It costs 2 trivia points to change your character name, see 'help rename'.

Apathy is 19 years old in real life, and works as a music teacher. Next year he will be studying classical guitar at Birmingham Conservatoire. (Uk)