Help Ivoted

Syntax: ivoted      - Resets 13 hour timer.
        ivoted !    - Resets 13 hour timer regardless of current timers.
        ivoted clear - Stops voting timer / prompt reminder.

There are two MUD ranking portal sites, Topmudsites and Mudconnector, where
players may vote for their favorite MUD.  Voting helps keep Aardwolf at
the top of the lists, which earns recognition and attracts new players to
the MUD.

You may vote once per IP every 12 hours at Topmudsites and once per
account every 24 hours at Mudconnector.  This voting process may be done
in one of two ways.  Either click the 'Vote for Aardwolf' and Mudconnector
buttons on http://www.aardwolf.com/ , or vote directly through the links

          http://www.topmudsites.com/vote-Sirene.html and

We would love to give rewards for voting, but it is against the rules of
the sites to do so.  Similarly, we do not track IPs of players that vote
vs. those that do not.

However, players have said that a command to remind them to vote every 13
hours would be useful.  It is purely optional, and is off by default.

*> After voting, just type 'ivoted' on the mud, and, 13 hours later
  (just over the once-per-12-hour voting limit of Topmudsites and useful
  for every-other-time voting on Mudconnector), your prompt will
  start to include '[Time to vote!]' until you type  'ivoted' again.

*> If you type it when 13 hours have not yet passed (you voted again from
  a different IP address, for example), you will get a warning and need
  to use the syntax 'ivoted !' to override it.

*> If you get tired of the reminders, you can type 'ivoted clear' to reset

This is just a reminder function- it is not being used for anything, so
there is absolutely no point typing 'ivoted' unless you really did (or you
need a 13 hour timer for something else).

Thanks again all; if nothing else, having a constant stream of new players
and some recognition for once makes myself and I'm sure many of the other
imms, more motivated to work on improving the mud.  -Lasher.

See how easy it is to vote for Aardwolf right here: