Manor Pies

0oo Tianjin Gou-Bu-Li oo0
= The hollow skull of henchman #2
[**> PK <**] Carrot
><((('> <3 <')))><
2012 Zombie Apocalypse Survival K
@DI Hate Valentines Day @DPie
-,__@D,-,__,- URMOM^-,__@D,-,__
an Ensenji fruit, from the Yemma
WW's S&D v6.9, with RL Support
A big tin 'o SPAM ! ! !
A <*><|Vikings|><*> life
(_@D(_HOT_(> 4 teacher ((_<3_((>
/|\Uchiha Service TartZ/|\
Roasted Octopus
an assortment of rainbow berry's
Petrified Rose
A Freak'n [Tree Star]
candyfloss lingerie
A Milkkbone
a [coot] (fuzzy) /wittle/ (^\Mash
(Murdered) Care Bear
Aldus' Manifesto
a clue
Thor's Banquet for Champions
BaeBie Baejita Realdoll (Limited
Isicia Omentata
A broken \"I WIN!\" button\"
a Strawberry-topped Tsubaki Tsund
an [Emerald] Medal of Honor
o-}Smoked Dog{-o
AardWolf Frequent Cyber Miles Gol
a MaD cOw
a /Shadokil/ [**> PK <**] pass
Remains of the SK/Retri Alliance
Expecting The Unexpected Changes
An Official License to [**> PK <*
a delicious pot pie
INFO: I just got [**> PK'ed <**]
a Bay Leaf
Aardwolf \"Rok\" Action Figure
your hopes and dreams
A Piece of Love
1 Free Ticket Entrance into the
Pomegranate Seeds of Persephone
a well thought out clan petition
Nereus PREMIUM Sushi
a perfect---,---'{@@w
{- A Green Alien -}
- *wuv* -',{@@w
<span style='font-size:83%'>=Galactose=</span>
(*)= Da' Flyin Skwerelz =(*)
Mischannel Prevention Aura
A Cute Little Rabbit
HIGH Octane Sooper Noobie PEP Pil
the Bodhi Tree
smelly dragon fewmets
Chocolate Salty Balls
yummy cherry pie
Screw You, I'm Going home.
Tommy Johnson's Last Can of Stern
Barbequed (-DoH-)bie on a Stick
o-}Hook{-o -A Story of Seamen.
:&lt;Chew Toy&gt;)
A Cup of Hot Choco
Inverse's Tieriffic Spellup Token
Inverse's Generically Special Man
Morgann's Delicious Spellup Token
Morgann --Daoine-',{@ Series Coll
-= Virginity in a Bottle =-
<span style='font-size:83%'>=Seto's Spellup Token=</span>
A Lotus Petal
Pint of Pickled Werewolf Pee
a manor pie ripe with sexual innu
Candy from Halloween Trick or Tre
an instant Lipton Teabag
Kavid's \"ImBuE Free\" Str@wBeRry
(Translucent) (White Aura) (FAKE)
*Nike-Star Soccer Ball*
Oil Stained Clod of Nigerian Dirt
!!PlayStation 2!!
A Crimson Colored Token Worth One
several sharp kicks to the Butt.
a fortune cookie
a pony
{Wiggle of Chaos} (_/_) (_|_) (_\
a Deep-Fried Twinkie on a ~Woody~
A page from the Tobril
Creampie Of Aardwolfric
Sweet &gt;-(`v')-&gt; Bites
A Shard of Pure Thundrillium
A Jedi Swoop Plush
The Dark God's Writ
oops, rename me
a generous slice of german chocol
SuperHero Spellup Coin
--Golden Rose of Love-{@@w
a little pink sheep
a little blue sheep
a Lindsay Lohan RealDoll(tm)(comp
Muffin Mantra
a MadWand Mallard Plushie
A Chocolate Frog.
The o-}HooK{-o Clan's Farm Animal
IQ Point (TM)
Saphyre's Succulent Snax (for ca
Salty &gt;Sprite Wings&lt;
The good old days
Bottled Air($1.00)
&lt;|&gt;Rhabdo's&lt;|&gt; latest victim!
Reptillian DNA
Maple Leaf Gardens Crackerjacks
A suit of Power Armor
:o popsicle for a lightskirt &lt;las
Vial of Amazonian Warrior Blood
A plush Cthulhu
Roses of Crystal
Red Pill
Blue Pill
}-&gt;Rawhide Bone&lt;-{
Crystal Goblet filled with blood
1/35th Soldier =====(Collect all
a pot pie
Dark Angel's Hard Work
..::[A SH Spellup Token!]::..
(Fake Aura) (RAIDER) Reaper Aeoli
Dilli's Pet Chameleon
A rooster shaped lollipop
(&lt;Polly&gt;) - Chewy Chunks /Cloetta
~*~&lt;Wishing Star&gt;~*~
~\*/~ (Tiny Golden Cherub) ~\*/~
Balloon Animal of Aardwolf
a ~White chocolate Raven~
give this to Joker for ONE free p
a Captain Craigy Trading Card
Photos of Dawnie's Welcome Back P
::(Mint):: Skittles
oOo a Little Nutbrown Hare oOo
A Roll of Hello Kitty (=^.^=) Sti
Zoalord Spellup Token(read token)
cialis #36
A Bowl of Strawberries covered in
~@Do. In@Dno@Dcent Souls .@Do~
-=&gt;The Buddha's Laughter&lt;=-
Chocolate covered Strawberries
MortIeS MaGiC CaRroT Radiates Wuv
Emerald Halloween 20o5
A Blasphemer's Creed
/\/\~ A Giant Enslaving Prism ~/\
a rug made from Bob's backhair fo
Angel's Slice of Apple
(-n00bschool-) {graduation} &gt;*cer
Two Lovebirds
Xolotl's Door Mob
Pilsner Urquell
One Day Worth of Food Rations
X - @DAdama@Dntium C@Dlaws - X
A Wicker Ball
-=]Tharivol's Bag of Centaur Trea
The o-} One Piece {-o, a pirate c
A Chocolate Covered DarkAngel wit
A &lt;(=Stendarr=)&gt; plush toy
A Ball of Fire
Tear of Apollyon
Zhalt's Tasty BBQ Sprite Wings!
A Wild Blackberry Cobbler
(W)(h)(i)(t)(e) (F)(l)(u)(f)(f)(y
a batch of CoOkiEs
-= A Tin of WD40 =-
Purina Elf Chow
A Delicate Bloodflower
Dirty Pink Thong of a Calabi
Costco's Amazing Chicken Bake
something to bitch about
<span style='font-size:83%'>=NinjaBabe's=</span>
<code> Belly Button Mistletoe </code>
Hershey's Kisses
Marvin Gaye's Milkshake
~Schmoke and a Pancake~
Enchi and Tical's Juicy Surp
Kwitcherbitchin Token
:&lt;Chew Toy&gt;)
A Senzu Bean
Do You Dream The Crow Black Dream
///A Butterfly Wing\\\
deep Fried Mountain Oysters
&lt;=-=&gt;Bertie Bott's Every Flavor B
Mopar's Free Spellup Token!
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
[-- Porphyre's perfect pumpkin pi
A @Dblack cat
-)Feast of the Twenty-Three(-
Boadicea and Visible's {Intergala
Temptations of Lustful Passion
Inimical Solitude
/Shadokil/ Assassins at work. No
&gt; Sweedish Fish [` )
Paiste &amp; Honey's @@G}-`|Wedding Cak
Xanathos's Missing Keg Tap
300 experience points
500 quest points
[-=Vote Flygo for Masaki clan dei
A strip of Bacon coated with Mapl
&gt;( Eternal Fluffiness )&lt;
a pair of sex dice
*******-Shimmery glow in the Dark
Komrad Questor's Sense of Humor
Liquid Sodacandy
+ A Knight's Favour +
<code>/ \</code>Garl's Saxophone<code>/ \</code>
An Ewer filled with Dragons Blood
The Heart of a Loved one
a brownie
Grafit's Warm Embrace
the Evening Angels kiss
Buffy's Bzz! (AKA Spike)
Cosmo Kramer's Soiled Underpants
A shot of Sugar'n'Spice
The Blunt Saber
Ten Internets
Balaam &amp; Chryso's Eternal RoSe Bl
Prostamol Uno
a PRS Dragon III electric guitar
(-Junkai's lvling Token For 1ktnl
--*A Serving of Roasted Quail*--
Fish Dude! Tastes just like Fish!
[ a ticket to  *** Sky City ** ]
^FaLLinG StaR^
Windrider's Bucket o' Shrimp
(Seekers) Trivia Token
Fresh Irish Soda Bread
Schizos Cure for Sanity
A Black Cherry Jello Mold
Yoda's Sour Green Apple Pie
Flaming bag-o-crap
Chocolate Mudpie
A hunched over figure of Sodomus
the finger
Brownies ** OF ** (H)(U)(N)(G)(E)
LIMIT BREAK: &lt;Omnislash&gt;
A = Blackheart's Awesomeness = Fo
Game Voucher For Maxim's Land Of
a small heart shaped candy with t
(&#30160;?&#29238;.-&gt; Sex on the Beach &lt;-.&#29238;
o-{(|Merther's Card|)}-o
A Black Dragons Eldunari.
Hooters Wings
LaRana's Deluxe and Moist Red Vel
a bowl of ramen
Your future star!! -&gt; Http://www.
A Red Pill used to Escape The Mat
Gandalf (TM) Action Figure (Colle
Seremela's Endless Bag of Starbu
a Batarang
Schizo's Official PITA Spellup To
&lt;-*-&gt;&lt;-:-*-:-&gt;&lt;-*-&gt; a complete SE
a turtle
hero in a half shell
liquid Turtle
A Charred Chunk of Flesh
The heart of a person lost in lif
V2 Order Of The Bots
a Deep Sea Flaming Pup
Kinky Glowing \"Toy\"
a belgian waffle
?1 F@Dee-free E@Dnchant C@Doupon&gt;&#31261;w
~~~Tokens of Love~~~
=-8  Heart's Key
&lt;(=Watchmen=)&gt; PRIZE WINNING Toke
*** A Fantasy Come True  ***
Goodberry Cheesecake
Faerie Walnut ,(@@w
Jug of Old Maggoty's Finest Dream
(Raided) Shortbread Cookies
{IMPERIAL} Spring Festival Token
You will win this war!
Warduck's Medal of Honour
A film tin labled \"Manos: The Han
Cranar's guide to &lt;&lt;\ Living on t
a glorious treacle-dowdy
Belin@Dda's Lacy B@Dlack Bra
_S2_ Ilyana's Heart Shaped Cookie
Skorpico Venom Sac
A tiny Ice Sculpture
A shiny white cue ball!
a Columbian Necktie (Big Black)
[Sister Princess] Shirayuki's Swe
Aardwolf's 10th Birthday Cake!!!!
@@G}-'a tiny hummingbird'--
an oversized acorn
--{<code> An Amoretta Flavored Kiss </code>}
Wolfric's infinate improbability
j00 g0t 0wn3d by (Retribution) k1
A MounTie riding a Bear
\|/&#29554;M*&#31811;C\|/ Tirianna's One Night St
a can of DoH-be-Gone
Milky Ruby Dessert
(*)Whale Eater And Proud Of It!(*
Touji Token: Valid for a free Tou
[Danger Ahead!]
Soul Booster
(*The Time Egg*)
_/*&gt;Box filled with Belgian Prali
Barkin's Firey Buffalo Wings
-=o0A torn piece of Carmya's Clou
You've been SPANKED by Volrath
a tasty hotdog
:&lt;Chew Toy&gt;)
that disturbing glow in the dista
Fresh mistletoe and holly
-=1st Pie From Heaven=-
a bootleg DVD of \"The Two Towers\"
@D{CHAoS@D} Trivia GameToken
\|/ &lt;*&gt; A Ticket to Heaven with .
The Breakfast of Champions
A Jar of Fresh Pearl Flavored Jam
Coupon for a FREE Breast Augmenta
Idunn's Red Apple of Youth
A Chocolate Chip Cookie
a little -=*)White(*=- sheep (Win
a little /Black/ sheep
a little &lt;-)bright(-&gt; sheep (Radi
Kaitlin's Kung-Fu Action Figure
oOoOoOo Look! Something shiny!
Valaia and Ivanhoe's basket of mu
**The Inexorable Will of Your Gho
Valaia's Personal Book of Shadows
Emerald encrusted golden ritual g
Crystal bell engraved with faerie
A \"Colorado Avalanche SUCKS\" Remi
[Emerald Celebration 2014]
-={ Blue Meanie Apple }=-
.:|an \"Imm\" badge written in blue
.{{an \"Imm\" badge written in blue
A Rubber Duck
Love Story of [^]Kingsley &amp; Chery
A Goodberry-Cream Pie
Zampf's Special Brownies
a toast to the everlasting life
A small packet of herbs
Janna and Papabear's Passion Frui
'\"&#58854;c#] A Rubber Chicken [#?'
a PLAID Breathmint
Merry Christmas!
(Translucent) (White Aura) (RAIDE
a freshly baked oatmeal cookie
Edible [Ba'al]s
Rayna's Collection of Chocolate
-=*Pomme De Sang*=-
@DWhisper's Rabb@Dit
`?.&#36137;:Lizard pOOp
{={ Fat Man`s /\/\isery }=}
the rotting head of a runaway ded
Mael's dirty jock Strap
(??&#31261;WSome delectably exotic nubi
(O)Fire.Heart (O)
~ Pure Distilled Love Concentrate
Vote for Papaya
[ [ [ Guide to Perfect Marriage
Ambush's Flamin' Bag O'Poo
THE Monkey God...says \"Eat me!\"
Shadowen Token (Read Token)
Fiction and Hexi's homemade babyc
Feathers from ~*~FallenAngel~*~'s
The Easy Button
@D&lt;+(Splintered Edge)+@D&gt;
an @Dinsidiously perspicacious twis
Naura Bakery shortcake
2q+2q &amp; 2q^2
(+&gt;packet of moving chips&lt;+)
my milkshake is better than yours