Imm Special Items

These are items that are given out during special events that typically are one of a kind.

Examples of Special Items:

(B)(M)(G)(H) -<{$}Aardwolf Series of Poker CHAMPION Bracelet{$}>- [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) .*. Rumour's Lost Quest Point [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) a Miracle Token [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) *Filt's Halloween Pill 2003* [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) a White Garden Gnome  [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) The Missing Dutch Crown [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) Ivar's Lucky Gold Coin (Lucky Hunt Item!) [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) I'm A Friday the 13th Lucky Item Hunter! [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) $$ Newbie Trivia Winner's Prize $$ [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) * Korri's * Lost Little Goat [1]

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