Help Visto

Syntax: visto          :  Lists all people set on your visible list.
        visto <name>  :  Adds/removes people from your visible list.

A character that has the ability to be invisible, hidden, or sneaking will
often want to remain out of sight from the general population, but allow a
couple of friends to see them so that they can talk to each other on tells,
see each other on 'who', etc.  Using the 'visto' command, you can make
yourself always visible by up to 10 other characters. Visto also overrides 
the 'deaf' command, so you can use a combination of visto and deaf to 
filter tells.

See 'help vistells' for how to make your character visible to everyone
for tells but still use standard visibility checks for all other purposes.

Note: You are always 'visto' your spouse. Visto does not check for a valid
      player name as checking offline pfiles is resource intensive.