Help Upgrades

There are several different upgrades available for clans.  These are
separated into several categories.  Each category has its own index help
file, is able to be searched in contents, and has a specific prefix that 
can be used with the 'index' command.

Category          Prefix  Types of Upgrades
Clan Defense      CDEF-    Upgrades related to clan maze/defense.
Clan Equipment    EQ-      Values/costs for clan equipment.
Clan Management    CM-      Clan management rules, costs, etc.
Closed Halls      CH-      Options available for closed clan halls.
Manor Upgrades    MU-      Upgrades for manor owners.
Public Halls      PH-      Options available for public clan halls.

So, for example, 'contents closed halls' and 'index ch-' will display the
help files within the Closed Halls category, with more information given
in 'help ch-index'.

The Aardwolf Builder's Website at http://www.aardwolf.com/builders/ also
has more information on upgrades.  If there are any discrepancies between
the website and these help files, the help files take precedence.