Help Send

Syntax: send <item> <player>

Gno-go Express, formerly known as Fido Express, is a service owned by Ivar 
Enterprises (Tm) that allows a player to send items to other players in the
realm.  The main Gno-go Express office is in Aylor, north of Hester.  Many
clans and manor owners have also set up Gno-go Express franchises within
their properties.

Gno-go Express charges a delivery fee equivalent to 5 times the level of an
item.  Some types of items, such as food, corpses, money, and containers, 
are not deliverable.

Players may decide to refuse these deliveries; this is toggled with the
'nodeliver' command.  This also stops other deliveries, such as those from
the flower shop or bakery.