Help Showskill

Syntax: showskill <skill/spell name or number>

Showskill will display a table showing the spell name, spell number (sn),
whether the spell is nofail (see 'help nofail'), and the base level at
which a spell or skill can be used for each class.  "SH" means 201, and
"IMM" means the spell or skill is not available for the given class.  The
table will also display if a skill/spell is subclass-only, only usable by
a particular primary class, and/or not usable from objects.

The bottom of showskill will display the adjusted level of the spell and
the percentage practiced, as well as duration if it is currently affecting
your character.  Racial abilities will show as learned even if you do not
normally have access to the skill because of class/level restrictions; if
you later gain the skill, it will operate at the higher success rate (of
either percent practiced, which shows in showskill, or innate racial

Note: You can also use the spell number in the help file system. For
example, 'help 122' will show the help file for the inflict pain spell.

With the same example, here is the output from showskill:

      Levels for Inflict pain (Sn: 122)  (Nofail Spell)
Mage              Level : N/A 
Cleric            Level : N/A 
Thief              Level : N/A 
Warrior            Level : N/A 
Ranger            Level : N/A 
Paladin            Level : N/A 
Psionicist        Level :  21 
Level:   1 Inflict pain          Learned: 100% 

The spell number, 122, is in brackets at the top of the output.

'Showspell' is an alias for 'showskill'.