Help Resistances

Syntax: Resists
        Resists bars    - See ansi chart of resists.
                          Can also add 'physical' or 'magic' filters.

Aardwolf has a variable resistance system.  Instead of simply being immune,
resistant, normal, or vulnerable to damage types, each character/monster
has a sliding resistance scale for a specific set of damage types.

There are two categories of resistances, physical and magical.  'Weapon' as
a damage type no longer exists and is instead covered individually in each
of the bash/pierce/slash types.  'Magic' is a specific magical damage type
(like fire or acid) instead of anything magical.  Shadow is a new type
considered the opposite of light.

Resistance values have diminishing returns; adding 40 resistance to a base
0 resistance will offer more value than adding 40 resistance to an existing
100 resistance value.  The exact percentages are (intentionally) not given.
This does mean, however, that both equipment and spellup spells add to (or
decrease) resistances, rather than one item or spell toggling a flag and
rendering more redundant.

To see your resistance values, type 'resists'.  The first column lists the
resistance types, race resist shows the resistance values changed by your
current race (see 'help raceinfo'), perm resists shows any permanent resist
awarded to your character, and spells/equip shows the values added by your
spellup spells and worn equipment. Typing 'resists bars' will show an 
extended version of the ASCII representation of your resistances as they
appear in 'score'.