Help Quit

Syntax: quit        : Quits the game at your current location.
        quit check  : Displays items that will not save when quitting.
        save        : Manually saves your character.
        autosavemsg  : Toggle display of autosave time.

The MUD will automatically save your player file every 15 minutes.  Other
events (such as quests, imm charges, etc.) will also trigger a save.  You
may manually save your character at any time with the 'save' command, but
this is often not necessary, and there is a block on commands while your
character is saved (about 10 seconds).

You may turn off the message indicating your character has been autosaved
by typing 'autosavemsg'.  This only removes the messages; your character
is still saved at the regular intervals.

Upon quitting, any items of type 'key' will disappear.  As of 27 Nov 2010,
objects no longer disappear based upon item level.  Using 'quit check' will
show any items (worn, carried, or in containers) that will disappear when

The 'quit' command will save your character and log you out of the game.
You may quit anywhere.  When you return to the game, you will be in the
same room.  You will also be quit from the game if you are inactive for 30
minutes (see 'help void').  There is no rent on Aardwolf.

As a safety precaution, the MUD will inform you if you are on a quest, and
you must type 'quit quit' to quit the game.  Quitting or cutting connection
and idling out while on a quest will count the quest as a failed quest and
reset your quest timer to 15 minutes.

There will never be a 'player wipe' on Aardwolf.