Quest Points

Help Quest Points

Quest points are extremely popular and useful on Aardwolf.  Through the use
of quest points, you can:

* Buy high-damage weapons and armor with special effects (see 'help quest
* Buy wishes to enhance your character (see 'help wishes').
* Purchase mastery or potential (see 'help mastery' or 'help potential').
* Convert quest points into trivia points (cost is 150 quest points at a
  questor, type 'quest list' to display quest buy options) to raise gold, 
  enhance weapons, rename items, and several other things (see 'help 
* Become a superhero (and be able to remort)- 800 or 1000qps each remort
  except the first (see 'help superhero').
* Bid on other people's quest equipment in remort auctions (see 'help
* Get married (see 'help marriage').

There are several ways to gain quest points.

* Doing regular quests (see 'help quest').
* Donating money to help keep Aardwolf running (see 'help donate').
* Taking part in global quests (see 'help global quest').
* Winning lasertag (see 'help lasertag').
* Taking part in campaigns each level (see 'help campaign').
* Taking part in special Imm quests and competitions that are posted to 
  the Mudinfo board when available.
* Selling items on remort or long-term auction (see 'help rauction' and
  'help market' respectively).
* As a random bonus from daily blessing (see 'help daily')..

Please note: Quest points are extremely valuable. If you are new to
Aardwolf, it is recommended that you do not convert them into trivia