Help Practice

Syntax: practice
        practice <skill|spell name>
        practice <skill|spell name> full

Practice with no argument displays your current skill percentages. It also
displays the spell number (Sn - see 'help cast'), any skillspell modifiers 
from equipment, and the minimum level to use the skill. To see all learned 
skills/spells, not just those which are able to be practiced, see 'help 

The more common use for the practice command is to gain proficiency in
your skills and spells. Your abilities can only be practiced at trainers
such as the guildmasters in Aylor. See 'help find' for a quick way to
local guildmasters in Aylor. Other trainers also exist, especially within 
public areas of clan halls, though there is no way to directly determine 
what may or may not be a trainer.

Skills that are newly learned start at 1%. Practicing a skill/spell will
increase the percentage, up to a maximum of 85%, or 95% with the Scholar
wish - see 'help wish'.  The amount gained from each practice session will
vary, based upon the skill/spell and your Intelligence. Using the 'full'
option will use as many practice sessions as necessary to fully practice
a skill, or adding 'full check' will show how many practice sessions
that will cost.

For example:

  practice immolate full check

  It will cost you
3 practices to increase immolate to 85%.
  You have
21 practice sessions available.

Unused practices are saved until remort/tier.  Practiced skills/spells are 
reset to 1% upon tier, and usually upon rebuild (see 'help rebuild').

Casting spells / using skills are the only way to increase their practiced
amounts beyond 85/95%.  Note that the practiced percentage of a skill/spell
is only the chance to use it successfully (not lose concentration, etc.);
whether the skill/spell succeeds in what you intended it to do is based
upon the specific ability.

Spells/skills that are considered nofail (see 'help nofail') will not lose
concentration or miss.  Instead, these skills use the practiced percentage
to determine the amount of damage dealt.  This percentage may increase past

Racial skills/spells will work at a specific percentage, but will increase
above that level through use if the skill is learned.  For example, if a 
vampire's untrained Intimidate skill is 60%, a vampire mage will be able 
to use intimidate at that 60% level.  A vampire warrior who just gained 
the intimidate skill has it at 1% practiced, but will use it at the 
effective racial level of 60%.  If the skill is practiced to 75%, it will 
then be used at the higher 75% practiced level.

You can convert training sessions to practices and vice versa using the
'train' command in your guild.  See 'help train'.