P Kstats

Help Pkstats

Syntax: pkstats
        pkstats nograce

This is a utility command which displays information pertaining to your 
character's current pk status and can be used to remove a grace period
from your character after death.  Information shown includes:

* Timers for either/both players you have revenge on, and those who have
  revenge on you.  If others have revenge towards you, you may not quit.

* Any remaining grace period. You can't be PK'ed again while under grace,
  but suffer an experience penalty. Initiating PK will cancel this grace.

* Invade/Defend timers from raidstats (see 'help raidstats').

* If you have at least one PK or death, a tally of total PKs and PK deaths,
  sorted by type, will also be shown.  Raiding and defending deaths only
  count in the situation where the raid or defending timeout is added to 
  the character- out-of-maze fights are not counted.

Typing 'pkstats nograce' will reset a pk grace period on your character to
expire at the next tick. This means that your character can be attacked 
again by other players and any OPK bonuses are restored.