Help Masteries

  masteries            : See current mastery levels:
  mastery buy type    : See cost of next point in a specific type.
  mastery mbuy amt type: Buy multiple points at a time.
  mastery costs        : Table of costs up to 250.
  mastery check        : Check rebuild costs.
  mastery rebuild      : Redo current masteries - see below.

Aardwolf adventurers can become so practiced in the art of a particular
physical damage type or magical focus that any damage they inflict of that
type gains an automatic increase.

Masteries are earned by spending quest points and gold at a suitable

Important Notes:

* Mastery points are not percentages. Each additional point of 
  mastery decreases the higher it gets.

  For example, a permanent 5% increase in a damage type requires 17
  points of mastery, 10% requires 38 points, 20% requires 104 points
  and 30% requires 260. 30% is the practical max, the theoretical max
  is 40% at 1000 points but would require 10 million qps to reach.

* Masteries save over tiers, once they are bought they are kept
  forever. Masteries can be reassigned, for a price, by using 'mastery

* This is a very expensive damage bonus intended for higher 
  levels. If you do not yet have a good collection of quest equipment 
  or wishes, your quest points are almost definitely better spent 
  in those areas. It might be worth getting a few percent in your 
  favorite damtype, but otherwise save these until later.

Rebuilding Masteries:

It is possible to re-assign your masteries using '
mastery rebuild'. 
The base cost for using 'mastery rebuild' is 2% of the total gold and 
quest points you have invested in masteries with a max cost of 4,000qp and 
50,000,000 gold. If 2% of your total invested comes out higher than these
numbers you will pay the lower amount. Mastery rebuild cost reduces by 
1% for each day since you last used it and, after 100 days, will be free.
Each player also starts the game with a single free mastery rebuild.

When you rebuild masteries, the amount refunded is deposited and made 
available to spend on other masteries. Note that it is not available to 
spend on anything other than masteries.

Use '
mastery totals' to see the total you have spent on masteries so far 
and '
mastery check' to see your rebuild costs. Any qp or gold already 
deposited into masteries will be shown whenever you use the '
command, and will be used up first whenever you buy masteries.