Help Info


  info                : Displays info options and current settings.
  info channel        : Turn an info channel on / off completely.
  info channel friends : Toggle friends only for that channel.
  info channel clanonly: Toggle your clan members only.
  info -h channel      : See history.
Using the Info command, you can toggle on and off individual types of
information messages and filter those channels to see only information on 
your friends and / or clan members.

If you set both options then friends *and* clan members will show, not only 
people who are both. If you are not in a clan at all you'll only see the 
'friends' column. You can also abbreviate these options to 'fr' and 'cl'.

Some messages are not tied to specific player or are of "global interest"
(such as superhero double) so there are no clan or friend filters for those.

There are also no extended filters for the 'notes' info channel as seeing
note info is based on which boards you are subscribed to.