Help Gag

Syntax: gag <newbie|channels|all> <name>
        ungag newbie <name>

Helpers have limited access to the immortal 'gag' and 'ungag' commands (the
V3 equivalent of nonewbie, nochannel, silence, etc.) to help police the
newbie channel. Only Helpers have access to these commands, and they are
only effective on new players.

To set a newbie channel gag, use '
gag newbie <name>'. To remove it, use
ungag newbie <name>'. To remove access to all channels, use 'gag channels
', and to completely silence a player, use 'gag all <name>'. Channels
and all gags must be removed by an Immortal and should be used sparingly.

Always remember to explain reasoning for a gag to the target, as well as
informing other Helpers/Imms via a personal note once the issue has been